Shooting the Geminids from Jackson Hole, Wyoming !

Hello art lovers !
Last night Dec 13th I was out shooting the Geminidis, at least trying to get some shots. Photos location, Glacier View Point north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At about 1 AM temperature dropped to 10F ( -12C), my front element of the lens froze, but managed to get some shots of the frozen Grand Teton Mountains .
Enjoy !

This shot took some 45 minutes to take

This shoot took some 25 minutes

This shot had a 30 second exposure time
Canon 35mm F2 set at f4 for 40minutes

Frozen Gear used :
* Canon 6D with grip
* Tokina 17-35mm f4
* Canon 35mm f2 IS
* SLIK Sprint 150 Tripod

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